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For more than 55 years The American Salesman Magazine has been training and advising sales professionals from every industry world-wide. The American Salesman’s dedication in providing the skills, techniques, trends, and training to today’s sales professionals remains the magazine’s ultimate objective. As one of the most credible and trusted sources for sales training and information The American Salesman continues its legacy in providing readers with the how-to information they need to expand their customer base, explode their profits, and enhance their selling skills month after month.

William H. Wood was a remarkable salesman, earning a reputation as one of the industries top leaders, Wood’s extraordinary sales ability built a highly successful publishing company during one of the nations most bleak and challenging time periods.

National Research Bureau was founded in 1933 by William H. Wood in Chicago, Illinois. By 1955 Wood’s company had grown to see unprecedented success, and he saw an opportunity as a successful salesman and publisher to provide a product that would assist and train other people within the sales field with the skills and information necessary to become top sales performers like himself. The vision to publish a magazine specifically for sales professionals, that would enhance their selling skills, keep them up-to-date with the latest trends, techniques, stories of sales success, build their customer base, and maximize their profits gained immediate acclaim from sales people across the nation. The American Salesman Magazine began training and educating sales people from all industries in every sales field across the world. Wood used his innate abilities as a sales leader to develop a trusted and reputable sales resource that would train both beginning and experienced professionals on a continual basis. The top sales professionals and experts in the field would provide quality information and timely topics on a monthly basis to sales people looking to grow and enhance their sales knowledge and experience. This concept has been proven to work for more than 55 years for hundreds of thousands of satisfied sales professionals. The American Salesman Magazine is truly a leader dedicated in providing real results for sales people who want to succeed and continues its legacy as one of the foremost resources for sales information and training today.





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